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I'd love to support your business goals!

My goal is to take the vision you have for your business and make it a reality.

  • Want a website that makes visitors feel comfortable?

  • How about a brand design that brings an emotion, intention and passion?

  • What about a marketing plan that will help your business grow?

  • And most of all, an easy-to-work-with digital manager that excels at website design, project management and modern marketing?


lf so, l am your gal.


Kari Sorensen owner

I get how stressful and overwhelming it can be to run a business

and perform all the other responsibilities that come with it.


Let me take those tasks from your plate so you can focus on

what really matters; your clients.

W hat  l  am  known  for:


Staying on top of marketing trends while helping small businesses is my passion. I've been in the marketing industry since 2007.

graduation cap Cal State Channel Islands

I received my Bachelor's Degree from  Cal State Channel Islands in Public Relations after studying Marketing, Business & Art. 

teacher's apple

With over 12 years of classroom teaching experience with both children and adults, I excel at consulting and helping others.

Creative mind

Creativity is a strong suit of mine and I thrive with projects promoting design. Let's have fun and design some beautiful assets!

My Favorites

Vanilla Latte

Coffee  Order

Nonfat Vanilla Latte. 
Most likely, a double. 



Drawing, Baking, Hiking , Searching for Sea Glass and walking Bonzai!


Way to Spend Time

Anything with my family! BBQs, Home DIYs, and Exploring Local Towns.

Kinship Creative computer designs and consulting

Professional Skills

Teaching, Designing + Anything with Computers!

Kinship Creative white logo
Kinship Creative marketing consultation
Kinship Creative coffee

Why  Kinship  Creative? 

I grew up loving computers, helping others, and business. My mother owned a beauty salon in Big Bear, California while I was young and I remember how much additional work owning a business added to her already full client schedule. Additionally, she did not go to school to run a business, she went to school to learn a trade; to provide hair and nail services to others. 

It was hard for her to find affordable help that catered to her needs and provide her with support when it came to business operations and marketing. Soon after opening the salon, the internet became extremely popular and the only way to find new clients was with a website. She felt frustrated, overwhelmed and intimidated by the necessary wave of change to keep her business afloat. 

Her story is like so many other small business owners; they go into business to follow a passion and provide a product or service to the community. Most small business owners did not go to school to study business, marketing and design. 

I decided to open Kinship Creative to help small business owners like my mother. Those that need support from a kind and patient person that is constantly studying the latest marketing trends and wants to help small businesses thrive! 



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