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Marketing is how we connect you
with your dream client. 

When done correctly, online marketing allows new clients to find you- even after business hours!  We can market your business through social media, digital marketing, email campaigns, and/or print media. 

The first step in creating your perfect marketing plan is to meet and discuss your business, goals, and dream audience.


We hear from clients all the time how draining and overwhelming marketing can be; let us take the task of marketing off your plate so you can focus on what really matters - your clients. 


Let's grow your business, even in your sleep!

Kinship Creative
Kinship Creative Business and Marketing Consulting, available via Zoom

Social, Digital + Print Marketing
for your Business

Do the social media trends drive you bonkers? How many challenges and dancing trends do you have to complete in order for your content to land in front of your dream audience? 

With the marketing trends constantly changing, one things remains the same; marketing is exhausting (and if not done right, does not produce results). 

At Kinship Marketing, we strive to create custom marketing plans based on your industry, target market, and business goals. 

We provide all sorts of marketing and would love to take this huge tasks off your plate so you can focus your time + energy on your clients. 

Marketing Services Offered
at Kinship Creative

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

We offer content creation, copywriting, hashtag + caption research with post engagement. We offer Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn Marketing services. 

email campaigns

Email Campaigns

Want to promote a new product or service? Nurture your current audience? Offer a monthly newsletter? Kinship Creative can do all of that and more!

print media marketing

Print Marketing Support

Looking to spread the word through print media or need support designing paper hand-outs, flyers + brochures? Let's chat about ways we can explore this realm. 

Realtor broker real estate agent Social Media Management and website design
Realtor broker real estate agent Social Media Management and website design


Massage therapist Social Media Management and marketing campaign design
Massage therapist Social Media Management and marketing campaign design
Marketing social media management and consulting for a wellness center spa ojai california
Marketing social media management and consulting for a wellness center spa ojai california

All Social Media Management Packages include:

Marketing Strategy
We research your industry, dive deep into your goals and use our 14+ years of marketing experience to strategize each post we design for you!

that speak to your target audience while positioning you as the expert in your industry & and demonstrating your value to new viewers.

Daily Engagement
We keep our phones glued to our palms- which is an advantage for our clients! We respond & engage very quickly (even on weekends!).

Reviews of Performance & Analytics

Custom Designed Graphics & Copy

Before we curate your monthly content, we review how your posts performed the prior month to help guide effective designs and strategy.

Client   Love   Letters

  • Will I need to pay yearly third-party hosting and domain fees?
    Yes - every website pays for these. These fees will not be included in your proposal from Kinship Creative, but we like to advise clients of these fees during our Discovery Calls. Kinship Creative has access to 50% off these yearly fees and clients can pay for 1-3 years. We ask clients to pay these fees prior to their launch date. These fees are usually under $200 a year but can vary based on any special add-on features (ie: booking calendar, e-commerce, etc). Client will receive a free domain for 1 year when they pay for their first year. For clients that already own a domain, we will provide instructions on how to transfer your domain.
  • I do (or do not) have Branding materials. Can you support that with the website design?
    Yes to both! Have branding materials already? Great! Send them on over and we will use those! Don't have branding? Not a problem. -We offer "mini branding kits" for clients who want very affordable support with the basics; color selection, fonts, and a simple logo. These kits save clients hours of time! -We also offer more robust "Full Branding Kits" that offer full logos, color palettes, typography, mood boards, and more! What are Branding Materials? -During your onboarding, I will send you a list of the Branding Materials I need from you (if you provide your own). -These will include items such as your logo, color palette, and typography. *Please note, if using a "special font" that is not included inside our software, you may need to pay a small licensing fee for the rights to use that font on your website. *This is the same concept as paying for high-quality stock imagery.
  • Once the website is complete, do I own it?
    Yes! Once the website has been completed and the client signs off on the website completion, all rights will be released to the client. Full ownership will also be transferred. You do not need to pay Kinship Creative a monthly or yearly fee to have access to your website; you now own it. This is a very important question to ask when selecting a website designer.
  • Do you use templates to design your websites?
    No! All websites are "Custom Designed", meaning every element on our websites was designed by hand. We do not use "pre-made" templates. Some benefits of having a custom-designed website include: -Consistent with your branding -Full control over the small details -Unique website that speaks directly to your target audience As Kinship Creative designs your website, you will have full say over what you like, and which areas you would like revised. By hiring Kinship Creative, you can get an affordable AND custom designed website!
  • I use a Third-Party Software (ie: Honeybooks) to help manage my business. Can you integrate that into my website?
    Absolutely! There are many softwares we can integrate for you! Please let us know which software(s) you use and we will let you know which we can integrate. Popular integrations: -Using Honeybooks on your Contact Page (the contact us form) -Using Square for receiving orders & payments
  • Do you offer support after designing my website?
    Absolutely! We provide many different maintenance plans that are tailored to the specific needs of your business' website. By having regular maintenance, your website will not only rank better in Google searches, it also gives you the opportunity to keep everything updated, fresh, and exciting for visitors!
  • I already have a website. Do you offer support for my existing website that Kinship Creative did not design?
    Yes! We mainly offer maintenance, updates, and design make-over support primarily on Wix and Squarespace. We do not support WordPress at this time. Have a website hosted somewhere else? Not a problem! Schedule a Discovery Call to go over your current website maintenance needs.
  • What type of marketing support do you offer?
    At Kinship Creative, we strongly believe that a "one-size-fits-all" is not an effective strategy when supporting businesses with their growth goals. Our marketing services include a complimentary Discovery Call where we will dive into your target audience, current business stats and your specific, measurable goals. From there, we can recommend marketing support specific to our findings. Some of our Marketing Support services include: -Full Marketing Plans (with the option of full execution, a la carte, or DIY of those plans) -Marketing Consultations (great for those who want guidance in their marketing!) -Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) -Event Marketing Support and Research -Redefining your Customer Journey (I have a new client, now what? How do I train my clients to send me referrals? When do I ask for reviews? Why are reviews so important?) -Set-up and Management of Review Websites (Nextdoor, Yelp, Google, Apple and more) -Support with ROI (which marketing venues are working?) -Email Marketing -Local Networking and more!
  • Do you offer Marketing Plans?
    Yes; we offer 1 year Marketing Plans written specific to your business, target audience, and goals. These plans will include estimated monthly third-party costs and action plans. Marketing Plans allow businesses to have a smooth plan to follow each month with measurable ways to see what channels are performing and which are not. In addition, after the Marketing Plan has been written, clients can either hire Kinship Creative to fully execute the plan, partially execute or clients can execute the plan themselves; whichever works best for their preferences.
  • I need help setting up my business pages on Yelp, Google, Apple, and Nextdoor. Do you offer these services and will you manage the pages after?
    We would love to help you set up these pages and have done these services for many of our clients in the past! We also offer monthly maintenance packages for these pages to help moderate reviews (respond and offer resolution), run promotional ads, keep pages up to date, and more!
  • I am on a tight budget and willing to do my own marketing but need a little guidance. Can you help?
    Absolutely! A very popular option is to schedule Marketing Consultations. During this hour call, we will discuss your current marketing, both what is working and where you are struggling. Kinship Creative will give you guidance on not only marketing suggestions specific to your business, but step-by-step instructions on how to execute the marketing action items. *Our most popular topic is: Social Media!* Many of our clients need guidance on what to post, why to post, and when to post. We will provide free resources to help save you time and money during our sessions. With over 12 years as an educator, Kinship Creative thrives when providing paced instruction!
  • What is the minimum contract timeframe offered?
    For marketing services, we require a minimum 3-month contract and can work with almost any budget.
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