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Website Design, Business Asset Design, Branding Photography Direction  + Marketing Consulting

Kayla wanted a website that continued to attract her target audience; professional, middle-aged businessmen. Being that Kayla did not have branding, we decided to do a mini branding kit to help guide her toward appealing colors for her demographic and business. We loved the "Bold and Gold" feel of the deep navy colors paired with gold that not only was classy but touched on wealth and confidence without being too feminine. 


This website is well organized and helps to demonstrate Kayla's experience and professionalism. 

Website Design for Accountant CPA Bookkeeper

"Her quality of work goes above and beyond expectations. She understands and helps in every aspect of the process. She is the BEST person to work with!" -Kayla

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Client Services Received

Website Design

4  Page  Website

Business Asset Design

Business Asset Design

Branding - Paint Palette

Mini Branding Kit

Consulting - Marketing and Business Coaching

Marketing Consulting

"From the start, we connected and FULLY executed my vision even with all my crazy ideas all over the place. She is super talented and calming and kept me so organized with the next steps of what to do. I couldn't have asked for a better person to do this for me than her!!! " -Kayla

Website Design for Accountant CPA Bookkeeper
Website Design for Accountant CPA Bookkeeper
Website Design for Accountant CPA Bookkeeper
Website Design for Accountant CPA Bookkeeper

*Please note - this website was designed for our client but is not on our optional monthly maintenance plan. We do not regularly monitor the site for errors or updates. In addition, the client has full access and may have made some changes. Please feel free to view the live site, but know that our final product is displayed above in screenshots.


This  Website

Package Included

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Business Asset Design

that speaks beautifully  on your behalf 

Business   Management   Solutions

Business Cards
Mini   Branding Kit

In addition to a custom website design, Kayla also wanted branding materials for her new practice that would help her stand out while staying consistent with her new branding and overall business mission.


With this in mind, Kinship Creative assessed her target audience and what types of designs and branding would appeal to them. Being that Kayla mainly works with (and wants to continue to attract) successful businessmen, we went for a "Bold and Gold" color scheme that was clean, professional, and classy. The navy matte blue paired beautifully with our gold and has been successful since launching.


In addition, we had a photo styling call with Kayla to discuss poses, outfits, and her overall messaging and audience. After that, we found a nicely lit location that had similar colors for her branding photoshoot. Kinship Creative helped to select the best images and communicated any requests to the photographer on behalf of the client. We then swapped out all edited, high-resolution images on the website and brand new marketing materials prior to Kayla's big launch date. All of Business Management Solutions' new materials and website have elevated Kayla's daily interactions with current and potential clients!

Business Card Design for Accountant CPA Bookkeeper
Postcard Design for Accountant CPA Bookkeeper
Postcard Design for Accountant CPA Bookkeeper
Mini Brand Design for Accountant CPA Bookkeeper

Our   designs  always  include:

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Affordable Pricing
Quick Turnaround
Full Ownership Transferred to you
Support After Completion
Unique to your Demographic, Brand & Goals


A Custom                   Website

with a Strong                Plan!


Kinship Creative is here to support your business needs through affordable pricing, honest service and beautifully designed websites! We adore working closely with our clients and strive to always provide top-notch customer service!

Contact us today for a no-pressure complimentary Discovery Call!

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