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Calming Waters Wellness

Website Design, Business Asset Design, Branding Photography Direction  + Instagram Makeover

LMFT, Sarah Fultz wanted a website that not only reflected her calm ocean-themed branding, but also allowed website visitors to get to know her, learn about her specialties, and build trust while visiting her website.


Since launching her site, Sarah has consistently been receiving an average of 500 website visitors a month
and many new client leads!

Website Design for a LMFT Therapist

"Within my first month of having Kinship Creative launching my new website, I had well over 15 new client inquiries and 500 website visitors!" - Sarah

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Client Services Received

2  Page  Website

Business Asset Design

Business Asset Design

Branding - Paint Palette

Instagram Makeover

Consulting - Marketing and Business Coaching

Marketing Consulting


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Instagram Design for a LMFT Therapist
Website Design for a LMFT Therapist
Website Design for a LMFT Therapist

*Please note - this website was designed for our client but is not on our optional monthly maintenance plan. We do not regularly monitor the site for errors or updates. In addition, the client has full access and may have made some changes. Please feel free to view the live site, but know that our final product is displayed below in screenshots.

This  Website

Package Included

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Business Asset Design

that speaks beautifully  on your behalf 

Calming Waters Wellness

Business Cards
Email Signature
Instagram Profile Makeover

In addition to a custom website design, Sarah also wanted branding materials for her new practice that would help her stand out while staying consistent with her branding and overall business mission.


With this in mind, Kinship Creative first mocked up designs of these business assets with stock images to present to the client. Once the designs were approved, we used those stock images to communicate the desired images to the professional photographer so that Sarah would get the exact image, materials, and beautiful aesthetic she was envisioning for her business!  


In addition, we had a photo styling call with Sarah first to discuss poses, outfits, and her messaging. After that, we had another quick meeting with her photographer to make sure all our goals were clearly stated and that Sarah would be well equipped for her branding photoshoot. This VIP Photo Styling service is provided complimentary for all website clients.

Business Asset Design for a LMFT Therapist
Instagram Profile Design for a LMFT Therapist
Business Asset Design for a LMFT Therapist
Business Asset Design for a LMFT Therapist

Our   designs  always  include:

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Affordable Pricing
Quick Turnaround
Full Ownership Transferred to you
Support After Completion
Unique to your Demographic, Brand & Goals


A Custom                   Website

with a Strong                Plan!


Kinship Creative is here to support your business needs through affordable pricing, honest service and beautifully designed websites! We adore working closely with our clients and strive to always provide top-notch customer service!

Contact us today for a no-pressure complimentary Discovery Call!

Kinship Creative Website Designer
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